Border Collie Adoption Application

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SEBCRL is dedicated to finding “Forever Families” and “Forever Homes” for our rescued Border Collies.  The information that you will provide to us in this application is paramount to the successful placement of our wonderful animals.  Please take your time in answering all of these questions as  your answers will help guide us in finding the right Border Collie for you and your environment.  A dog is a lifetime commitment, so please be patient when filling out this application!


After completing this application, select the Submit button below to send us your data.  Please be assured that we will respond to your application as soon as possible.  However, please be aware that our primary focus is to “Rescue” Border Collies from dangerous situations. 

Today’s Date:

About You

Your Name:

Spouse’s Name:


Telephone Number:

Evening Number:


About Where You Live

Type of Dwelling?

Do you Own or Rent?

Does your Rental Agreement Allow Pets?

Do you have a fenced yard?

How Tall is the Fence?

Number of Adults Living in Your Household?

Number of Children Living in Your Household?

Current Ages of Children Living in Your Household?

Approximate Ages of Adults Living in your Household

If you rent, list your landlord’s name, address and phone number.

More About You!

You will notice that our questions are very detailed.  The more information you freely share with us, the more successful we will be a finding the right Border Collie for you, your family, your interests, and your lifestyle.

About Your Work:

Please provide us with general information about where you and your spouse work, including your job title.  For example, do you work from home, do you work part-time, do you work overtime and on weekends.  What industry do you work in, sales, customer service, farming, livestock, construction, real estate, etc.

About You

About Your Spouse or Partner

Name and Phone Number of Nearest Relative NOT living with you.

About Your Hobbies:

Please provide us with not only your hobbies but what you like to do with your free time, for example, do you enjoy reading a book, going to the beach, the movies, gardening, hiking, traveling, attending agility trials, etc.  Please tell us about you and your family’s activities outside of work and/or school.

Will you allow us to do a home visit and a personal interview?  If so, please list what time and day would be most convenient for us to meet.

Please provide us with the names and phone numbers of three (3) personal references:

Please provide us with any additional information that will enable us to find a perfect fit for you:

How did you hear about Southeast Border Collie Rescue?

Animals that Currently Live with You

List all animals, including small caged animals as well as livestock, for example, your Pets’ Names,  Types, Ages, are they Spayed/Neutered, and how long have you owned these pets: 

About Your Dogs

If you own a dog now, have you ever introduced a new dog into your home?

How did your current dogs react?

Which Dog Food are you  currently feeding to your dogs?

Have you ever owned a Border Collie before?

If Yes, When?

If your previous Border Collie passed away, please briefly explain the circumstances:

Please provide us with your current Veterinarian’s Name, the Name of the Clinic or Animal Hospital, the Address, and their Phone Number.

Have you ever had to relinquish a dog to a shelter in the past?  If so, briefly explain the situation.

Your Expectations for Your Border Collie

What would you like your Border Collie to be?

Please Hold the Control (Ctrl) Key Down and Select All That Apply:

Who will your new Border Collie need to get along with?  Please Hold the Control (Ctrl) Key Down and Select All That Apply:

Other, please explain:

Other, please explain:

Which of these characteristics would you prefer?  Note: Young puppies are rarely available.

Please Hold the Control (Ctrl)  Key Down and Select All That Apply:

Where will your new Border Collie spend most of his/her time?

Please Hold the Shift Key Down and Select All That Apply:

How many hours of the day will the dog be left alone?

Where will your dog sleep at night?

Do you have a boarding facility that you use regularly for when you’re out-of-town or for emergencies?  If yes, please indicate the name and phone number of this boarding facility.

Note:  Please be aware that Southeast Border Collie Rescue operates a boarding facility, grooming facility, and offers training classes through Classic Dog Training.

Please briefly explain how you plan to exercise your new Border Collie.

Describe what specifically attracted you to the Border Collie breed.

Please list any comments, concerns or questions you may have.

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About Your Veterinarian

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